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Interface Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1999 with the aim to enable the entire poultry chain to provide the best quality poultry meat to consumers and to protect them from disease through immuno-modulation.

An ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), WHO GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000:2005(FSMS) Certified Company & company has over 18 years experience to provide true immune-modulators and immunity enhancers. We had started with vision of how we can check antibiotics abuse in poultry & live- stock to provide world standard meat to human and today it has to become a reality. In due course we have come out with number of research based products- PROTOFACE, INTERMUNE, PROTOMUNE, NUTRIGROW, GROWFAST P are a few of them.

In present scenario of frequent viral & bacterial problems. Our products have shown their worth and are giving best of the results to provide highest standards of productivity and prescribed by the breed (breeder, broiler or layer). Our products are well accepted against Chicken Aneimia Virus(CAV), New Castle Disease Virus(ND), Infectious Bursal Disease(IBD), Inclusion Body Hepapitis(IBH), H9N2, H5N1 etc. All the products can be used in any type of disease(Microbial or Viral).

Our company and our products are well accepted in India, Nepal & Bangladesh and sold with an assurance of getting best of return on their investments. Farmers keeping birds as per our advice are not using any antibiotic, even tehey are getting extra return of fifty rupees per bird.

Products are already established in large animals, specifically for improving SEMEN quality in BOVINS and EQUINES. Libido and General Health Condition improved very well when the animal were fed PROTOFACE, PROFITAZE and NUTRIGROW on regular basis. In bull calf growth was much better in the test group, compared to the control of feeding PROFITAZE (12.35% more weight gain as per BAIF). Young non-performing bulls started giving SEMEN on feeding PROTOFACE of regular basis (as per the trial conducted by Balf). In equines foals performance was much better in terms of growth, when were kept on NUTRIGROW, immediately after birth.

At present we are giving quality products INTERMUNE, PROTOMUNE & GROWFAST P to enhance Egg production, Immunity, FCR & Meat ratio in broiler with assured return. In view of the results, acceptability of the product is increasing very fast. The company is working to provide disease and antibiotic free meat of world class of compete international markets. The company has recently launched MULTIMUNE a product which will instantly help of cheq any type of Viral, Bactirial or Protozoal Disease. The product enhances availability IgA, IgG, IgM in the body along with constant availability of monocytes.

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