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Respamune ®
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Smooth Breathing All The Time
Choice is Yours

Provides Smooth Inhalation of Air During All Respiratory Disorders

Works as inhaler, Sanitizer & Disinfectant - A Unique combination of Essential Oils

Respamune Respamune Respamune

A Unique combination of essential oils to check respiratory disorders at every stage. A single applicator to act as relies in al Respiratory Disorders at every stage

A Single applicator to act as relies in all Respiratory Diseases
Suitable IB, ND, Coryaga, CCRD etc
Effective ILT, H9 N2, H5N1
Important When Curtains are down
Soothing Effect in the shed
Life Over 30 Days
Easy To use( No need of water medication)
Toxicity Non-Toxic

How to use:
Peel the upper sticker and directly put it in the shed.
Suggested Applicator : 20ft x 20ft one applicator . In Out breaks reduce it to 10ft x 10ft one applicator (above the cages preferably fixed in Zig-Zag position) as shown below.
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