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DAY ONE (1) :
Chicks of all group (layer or broiler breeders or layer and commercial broiler)
If possible make a water of intermune or nutrigrow @ 50 gm.In 500ml of water and dip the beal of the chick before leaving them on the floor.

First make a drinking water with nutrigrow @ 50 gm.1000 chicks and then leave them on thisnutrigrow water for 2-4 hours(depending upon the transportation period & the distance) and after wards only provide them feed. This nutrigrow water will continue for 10(ten) day @ 50 gm.per 1000 chicks in first water.

Starting 11 th day on wards in layers &breeders(as long as you are doing primary vaccinations) protoface (in drinking water or top dressing) @ 25gm per 1000 birds daily for 3-5 hours(in first water)till primary vaccinations are over,
Provide protoface @ 50gm per 1000 birds with all the vaccines for minimum 3 days. In commercial broilers with IBD(GUMBORO)vaccine once the primary vaccinations are over, then when ,ever bird is getting sressed,immediately they must be provided with protoface or intermune water (perferably of the later product @ 1gm.per liter water for 4-5hours for 4-5 days.

The above supplementation will provide optimun titers for all the vaccinations and upto 50%higher titers can be achieved apart from this;moncyte count will be maintain at all the time during this life span.

At 14th to 18th week you are doing R2B,new castle disease killed vaccine or even may be doing shifting of bird, All of them must be supported with protoface @50 gm per 1000 birds per days for 3 days for 3-4hours per day or top dress in the morning feed. later in the life all booser vaccine must be supported with protoface @ 50 gm per 1000 birds per day for 3-5days.

This is suggested that all lasota vaccines later in the life may be supported with intermune to avoid any virul out-break &to maintain the titer of vaccines (specilly n.d) in broilers at 3 rd week if you give a boooster dose of n.d vaccine followed by intermune 1 gm per liter water x 3 days this will help in protection of birds against amy viral disease at later stage of life.

And till culling of the flock use protomune @ 250 gm-350 gm 1000 kg (one ton)of feed regularly.


And till culling use protomune @250-350 gm.per ton of feed regularly.

This is the time when ovaries and other genital organs are under development andany nutritonally immbalanced diet may result in ceformity or delayed growth of ovary which will result in delayed production with sub-standard performance.once overy is fully developed then the follicle will be healthy and accordingly there will be no pullet egg or least pullet egg.

There will be early start of production with out any side - effect.bird will be maintaining high standards of immunity through - out the log birds are on protomune there is above 90% assurance that they will not be having any microbial or viral out-break.if there is little drop in production or birdshave not picked-up feed properly or there dullness or sudden stress(due to weather/environmental or any other reason) immediately provide intermune 1 gm per liter water x 4-5 days or nutrigrow @ 100-200 gm.per 1000 birds for 3-5 days to boost the body immune system.

NOTE: during the life time of the bird,when you are using protomune and all of sudden there is a stress on the bird or you find that on that particular day birds are not picking up feedproperly(e.g. if birds are given first that they feed at 5.30 am and they are consuming morning feed by 10.00 am,one am day you find that they have taken much more time or little extra time to finish the feed)this is the pre-indication that the birds areunder stress, since in stressed condition liver slows down the working,immediately provide a water of intermunr @ 1 gm one liter of water for 3 to 4 hours for 3 to 5 days.

Even morbid birds should be given strng solution 100 500 ml.of water through droper 1- 2 drops every 10-15 minutes which will result in their over 90% case of chiken anemia virus out - breaks it was observed that bird which were kept on intermune was not having much of it's after challenge.

even if you provide intermune @ 1 gm per 2 liter of water daily for 3-4 hours for 4-5 days in a month this will assure in keeping away the risk of any microbial or viral out-break.

» If all of sudden you find 20-30 birds are dead, immediately.provide intermune @ 2gm per liter of water for 3-5 hours,followed by 1 gm. per liter of water for 3-5 hours daily for 3-4 days,

» If the mortality is all of sudden 100 or more provide intermune @ 5 gm.per liter of water for 4- 5 hours,followed by 2 gm per liter of water 3 to 4 hours and then after that 1 gm in one liter of water for rest of the period on that day,followed by 3 - 5 hours daily for 3 -5 days (depending upon the severity of infection).

» If you provide intermune water @ 1 gm per liter of water daily for 3 - 5 hours for 3 - 5 days in a minth thois itself reduces the risk of any out break(microbial or viral) to less than 5%

This supplementation instantly provides immuno-compitence,resulting in faster availability of "T - cells","B - cells,resulting in maintaining the monocyte count through-out the infection,globulins,anti-bodies high concentration,at the same times selenium in it does not allow any mutation.instantly it binds iron. ions in the body,deperives microbialor viral population to make ion bonding with host cell to get nutrients to further grow and multiply.this helps not only in controlling the disease it helps in protecting the productivity.
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