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Intermune ®
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A Powerful New Combination that help body's deffence to work more effectively against various diseases by re-inforcing Immuno-compentence.
IntermuneOn any disease outbreak timely feeding of Intermune provides
» Uncompromised Titer Against All Vaccines
» Rapid Microbial & Viral Control
» Once Daily is Sufficient to Enhance Immunity to Control Diseases by Enhancing Body Defense

For New farmers it is..

EachGram of Intermune Contains
Amino Acids Vitamins
Lysine 44 mg Vitamin E 100 mg
Methionine 83 mg Vitamin C 100 mg
Threonine 70 mg Pepain 10 mg
Tryptophan 20 mg Selenium 5 mcg
Iso-Leucine 27 mg Base Q.S.
Leucine 57 mg
Phenylanine 24 mg
Valine 41 mg
Histidine 18 mg

Communication between different type of immune cells considered to be basis for immunocompetence.

Selenium deficiency is shown to be important factor in virus mutation, which is relevant to avain influenza. It also has immuno - modulatory properties, helping the immune system to react to pathogen adequately.

"Intermune is the power of synergy through Immuno-competence."
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